Master Scent List

Master Scent List PDF (2022)

- May 2023
Notes: Sweet Yuzu, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Ivy, Eucalyptus, Waterlily, Goldenrod, Heliotrope, Seaweed, Cedar, Oakmoss.
Description: An olfactory journey through the enchanting landscapes and rich natural wonders of Acadia capturing salty breezes, freshwater plants, trees, and rocky coast. A citrus woody aquatic scent inspired by a trip to Acadia last year. EDT Concentration.

- July 2022
narcissus enfleurage, pink lotus, plumeria, ginger lily, freshly cut stems, massoia, sandalwood.
The flowers that grow thickly upon the barrows of Men. Deep white florals grounded in creamy massoia and sandalwood, vibrant enfleurage gives this inverted floral perfume a softly textured halo.

Apple Tabac -
December 2020
Notes:  fresh red apple, tobacco, fir balsam, rum resin, dried fruits.
Description: A bite of crisp red fall-harvest apples and burley cavendish, a golden-brown cider brew.

Autumnal - October 2021
Notes:  peppermint, cinnamon, alfalfa, maté, nettle leaf, beeswax, bran, deer's tongue, chamomile, fir, wheat, oakwood. 
Description: A stroll through grain fields ripe for the harvest. Wafts of powerful peppermint tea presently peter down to settle among leaves of maté, alfalfa, and nettle.

Bindebole - March 2021
Notes:  poplar bud, pine needles, ambrette, cedar.
Description: Towering canopies, new growth and tender greenery. Dormant forests waking up with the receding frost.
(Spring seasonal perfume)

Boreal - December 2020
Notes:  pine needles, mint, cedar, resins, moss.
Description: Frigid forests of the northern wilderness. Chilly mint gives way to a soft bed of creamy cedar, pine, and moss.

Brokilän - December 2021
Notes:  black hemlock needles, larch cones, sandarac resin, momi, sandalwood, Vietnamese oud.
Description: Sap-saturated cones and freshly broken needles litter the floor of Brokilän, the wooded home of elves and elder races.

Caravansary - prototype
Notes: fir balsam, deer musk*, vanilla, black tea, lavender, blue spruce, blue chamomile, treemoss, incense, pinecone mulch, campfire smoke.
Description: Caravans circled around the crackling fire for the night, deeply mounded snow covering the firs, steeping black tea and chamomile. A cheery fire is all that staves off the frigid darkness on this, the coldest night of the year. (Vegan option to be available)

  - November 2021
Notes:  lavender, beeswax*, champaca, anise, bourbon vetiver, tuberose, deerstongue, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood, cloves.
Description: Cozy chandler's cottage filled with the trimmings of the trade, melted pillar candles and rendered tallow. Slightly indolic, waxy, and wreathed in faint smoke, a perfume of vintage sensibilities.

Christmas Wine
- December 2020
Notes:  cranberry, plum, blood orange, cloves, nutmeg, fir balsam.
Description: Yuletide glogg, mulled wine on Christmas night. An unfiltered mélange of rich cranberry, fir, and spices.

- May 2023
Consenza Clementine, Blood Orange, Maritime Pine, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Saffron Flower, Rough Suede, Passion Fruit, White Lotus, Fir Balsam, Tobacco Leaf, Cedar Planks, Leather, Sandalwood, Pacific Ambergris.
The last slurries of sunlight before sundown; paradise as we know it. Notes of juicy Italian clementine oil and bright passion fruit are grounded by rich wood and leather to create a full and textured citrus cloud.

Coastal Veil
- May 2023
Juniper Berries, Juniper Needles, Sea Water, Bladderwrack, Coastal Cypress, Oyster Mushroom, Water Pepper, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Pacific Ambergris, Irish Sea Moss, Sandalwood.
A veil of mist and seawater shrouding an overcast beach in a tapestry of atmospheric ambiance. Salty seaweed rubble and algae underfoot, twisted coastal cypresses growing on rocky cliffs overhead. EDT Concentration.

- July 2021
Notes:  cedar, smoke, oakwood, ponderosa pine needles, vanilla.
Description: A rough-hewn cabin nestled deep within the woods, cedar logs ablaze in the hearth and a hot mug against the weather.

Delfiño - May 2022
Notes: clementine, tomato leaf, juniper, vetiver, sandalwood, ambergris*.
Description: Vineyard paradise perfume. Bright succulent clementine peels and freshly grown tomato leaves are offered longevity and support by a base of light vetiver, sandalwood and pacific ambergris. EDT Concentration.
(Summer seasonal perfume)

Eldritch - October 2021
Notes:  leather, myrrh, patchouli, fir, oolong tea, opoponax, smoke, pine needles, oakmoss.
Description: Lair of ancient eldritch abominations, a resinous and dark perfume for the bold and unafraid.

Fanghorn II
- April 2021
Notes:  silver fir, moss, lichen, pine needles, wet soil, damp vegetation.
Description: A dark and sticky fir perfume with fresh dew and earthen root qualities, reminiscent of new and old forest growth in harmony.

Funerie - July 2022
morel mushroom, decayed rose, leather, tobacco, smoke, pineboard, incense, sweet myrrh, blood cedar, dried needles, rotting wood (oud).
Rites of the dead, an imposing envelope of bleakness. Feasting fungi and wilted roses nestle atop charred pineboards and a base of heavy resins and incense.

Gelatto - May 2022
Notes: makrut lime, jasmine sambac, mandarin orange, gardenia, massoia bark, sandalwood, ambergris*.
Description: Suntanned skin and sunny beaches. Opens with a mouthwatering makrut lime, then vibrant jasmine and gardenia enfleurage are revealed and merge with beach-gathered ambergris to create a warm 3-dimensional perfume. EDT Concentration.
(Summer seasonal perfume)

Gingerbread - Prototype
Notes: Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Wheat absolute, Butter CO2, Molasses Distillate, Brown Sugar, Walnut, Milk, Cream, Vanilla.
Description: Old-fashioned baking delight, the smell of a wintry bakery. A blend of rich spices and wheat absolutes using Rustic Series no.1 base.

 - December 2021
Notes:  cranberry, champaca, cherry compote, raspberry, fir balsam, chocolate, davana attar, oakmoss, frankincense.
Description: Rich Christmas Eve liqueur, mélange of red fruit boiled down to delicious reductions. Built on the base of Christmas Wine with additional festive nuance.

Greymist - May 2023
Notes: Noble Fir, Scotch Pine, Expressed Citron, Blond Tobacco, Botanical Musk, Vetiver.
Description: An airy, crisp, and slightly sweet pine blend, perfect for warming weather and spritzing over a light evening jacket. Tobacco, citron, musk, and vetiver are background elements to support the delicate and beautiful Noble fir distillation. EDT Concentration.

- July 2022
Cedar planks, sawdust, smoldering logs, edelwood oil, amber, black walnut, mahogany, labdanum.
Deep in the woods of the Unknown lies an ancient grist mill, not quite abandoned. This perfume features a multitude of woods as they are ground up and pressed for oil. Faint smoke dances over deep piles of sawdust and disturbed amber.

- October 2022
hay, lavender honey, crocus, sweet vernalgrass, bison grass, toasted almond, hazelnut, oats, dusty wheat.
This summer I co-distilled about 10 pounds of hay, bison grass and sweetgrass to create a rough and gorgeous hay/sweetgrass/bison grass concrete, which was then filtered and evaporated to create a rich co-absolute. Two hay perfumes were created with this material: Hayloft & Hayride.

Hayride -
October 2022
hay, hot cocoa, vanilla, sweet vernalgrass, bison grass, acorn nut bread, nutmeg, cardamom, spikenard, raisin, tonka, oakmoss.
Description: This summer I co-distilled about 10 pounds of hay, bison grass and sweetgrass to create a rough and gorgeous hay/sweetgrass/bison grass concrete, which was then filtered and evaporated to create a rich co-absolute. Two hay perfumes were created with this material: Hayloft & Hayride.

- November 2021
Notes:  white grapefruit, blue cypress, maritime pine, juniper, nootka, cedar, sandalwood, seaweed.
Description: Crisp needles, deep blue ice, and dark water. A frozen glacial estuary where ice falls, crashing into waves.

Ivymoss - May 2023
Notes: Climbing Ivy, Green Tea, Spearmint, Lime Rind, Lemon Verbena, Waterlily, Emerald Cypress, Mugo Pine, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Treemoss, Cedarmoss.
Description: New beginnings in ancient places. Carpets of creeping and climbing ivy cover ruined castles. Swaths of moss spreading out in the shadows of crumbling towers, fresh beds of tender spearmint, and lemongrass growing up between stones. Native pine and cedar slowly overtake the wild and untended citrus groves. As the world was, so shall it be again. A shockingly fresh perfume given the heavy moss concentration.

Katabatic - October 2022
Notes: ruby cypress, camphor, birch leaf, ravintsara, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, bitter almond, red fir, cedarwood, sandalwood, orris root, dragon's blood resin, oakmoss.
Description: Swirling eddies of the frigid north wind, the driving gale that sweeps away dying vestiges of summer and boldly heralds the arrival of an early fall. A bracing, biting blend of minty birch breeze, spiced cypress, woods and mosses. 

Meadowmoss - May 2023
Notes: Oakmoss, Alpine Sandwort, Wild grass, Green Wheat, Orange Blossom, Fir Balsam, Tomato Leaf, Azure Bluet, Mountain Wildflowers.
Description: Nestled high in the mountains lies a bright meadow, where the wildflowers sway in the brisk alpine breeze. Majestic mountains cradling the meadow stretch up into the endless blue sky above. Meadowmoss features an overload of oakmoss complimented by airy orange blossoms and wildflowers carried on the breeze.

- December 2020
Notes: fir balsam, black hemlock, lapsang suchong, moss, incense, bitter myrrh.
Description: Liturgical incense and tangles of gnarled fir boughs. Bouquet of branches, deepwood delight.

Nocturnis - September 2022
: pine, juniper, bergamot, carnation, geranium, chamomile, hay, tobacco, silver fir, lavender, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli.
Description:The thick sappy conifer base of Fanghorn II layered over a selection of accords inspired from vintage Polo to create a dark green brew of fine forest fumes. Wild and yet refined, a werewolf in a tuxedo. 

Noki - May 2022
Notes: lychee, mango, mint, rhubarb, cassis, sandalwood, ambergris*.
Description: Fresh tropical fruit bouquet tempered by wild herbal mint, laced with basenotes of creamy Australian sandalwood and shore-gathered ambergris. The mint accord is created with a combination of essential oil, SCO2 extraction, and absolute to remain throughout the whole life of the perfume, perfectly balanced by mango, lychee, rhubarb, and cassis. EDT Concentration.
(Summer seasonal perfume)

- April 2021 
Notes:  pine needles, juniper scales, vetiver, myrtle, soil, swamp water.
Description: Riparian boughs and bulrushes. A perfume of pine and earthy vetiver with a trace of salt and myrtle blossom.
(Spring seasonal perfume)

Pastoral - September 2022
: apricot preserve, blackberry jam, raw honey, propolis, beeswax, sweetgrass, hay bales, bran wheat, oat grains, bourbon vetiver, maté tea, oakmoss. 
Description: The embodiment of standing on one's porch on a crisp, clear autumn day, nostalgic for the idyllic rural past unexperienced. The sweetness of the preserves and honey balance the dusty grains and freshly bundled bales. 

Ponderosa - September 2022
: ponderosa resin, ponderosa needles, cedarwood, bourbon vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon attar, butterscotch, beeswax, raisin cookies.
Description: The distinctive aroma of the majestic ponderosa pine. Built upon a base of wildcrafted ponderosa pine needle and resin absolutes with all of their natural vanillic, butterscotch and strawberry facets bolstered and fortified. 

- July 2021
Notes:  rum, clove, cinnamon, oud, hazelnut, raisin, apple.
Description: Choice refreshments of the harvest gathering: heavily spiced rum with undercurrents of stewed raisins and roasted hazelnuts.

- November 2021
Notes:  tobacco, hay, beeswax*, barley, dried needles, poplar, hops, castoreum* maple, and wisps of peat smoke.
Description: Abandoned alpine farmstead. A dense wheaty tobacco leaf perfume with dried fir needles and resonating with honeyed maple sweetness.

- July 2021
Notes:  tobacco, lapsang souchong tea, molasses, raisin, honey.
Description: Rich tobacco leaf and smoky lapsang tea sweetened by honey and molasses; a ponderous evening by the fire as the weather turns.

- July 2021
Notes:  ambergris*, cypress, vanilla, clove, labdanum, fir.
Description: The enveloping darkness of a cozy oversized sweater; musky cypress and genuine ambergris settle into a bed of ambered vanilla sweetness and soft cloven spices.

White Fir - November 2022
Notes: orange, ginger, white fir, clove, anise, pine, musk, vetiver, oakmoss.
Description: A co-extraction of white fir resin and needles layered atop supporting notes. A delicious pomander ball of perfume, festive in nature but with potential to be worn all year.

* non-vegan.