Winter Collection 2023

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  • Winter Collection 2023

14 x 1.8ml spray samples, a curated selection of wintry scents:

Boreal: pine needles, mint, cedar, resins, moss. Frigid forests of the northern wilderness. Chilly mint gives way to a soft bed of creamy cedar, pine, and moss.

Borealis: snowdrifts, peppermint, camphor, black tea, black elder, valerian root, ocean spume, fir balsam, orris root, pine needles, incense, sandalwood, Irish ambergris, cedarmoss, patchouli, deer musk (botanic accord), ashes. Biting ocean gales and alpine forest air. A chillier version of Boreal with subtle floral and aquatic facets.

Brokilän: black hemlock needles, larch cones, sandarac resin, momi, sandalwood, Vietnamese oud. Sap-saturated cones and freshly broken needles litter the floor of Brokilän, the wooded home of elves and elder races. The prickliest conifer of the line to date.

Caravansary: fir balsam, deer musk (botanic accord), vanilla, black tea, lavender, blue spruce, blue chamomile, treemoss, incense, mulched pinecone, campfire smoke. Caravans circled around the crackling fire for the night, deeply mounded snow covering the firs, steeping black and chamomile teas.

Chandlery: lavender, beeswax*, champaca, anise, vetiver, tuberose, deerstongue, vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood, cloves. Cozy chandler's cottage filled with the trimmings of the trade, melted pillar candles and rendered tallow. Slightly indolic, waxy, and wreathed in faint smoke, a perfume of vintage sensibilities. 

Christmas Wine: cranberry, plum, blood orange, cloves, nutmeg, fir balsam. Yuletide glogg, mulled wine on Christmas night. An unfiltered melange of rich cranberry, fir, and spices. The same formula as the 2020 edition, but with additional self-extracted cranberry absolute.

Fanghorn II: silver fir, moss, lichen, pine needles, wet soil, and damp vegetation. A dark and sticky fir perfume with fresh dew and earthen root qualities, reminiscent of new and old forest growth in harmony.

Gingerbread: ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, wheat absolute, butter co2, molasses distillate, brown sugar, black walnut, milk, cream, vanilla. Old-fashioned baking delight, the smells of a wintry bakery. A blend of rich spices and wheat absolutes.

Glühwein: cranberry, champaca, cherry compote, raspberry, fir balsam, chocolate, davana attar, oakmoss, frankincense. Rich Christmas eve liqueur, mélange of red fruit boiled down to delicious reductions. Built on the base of Christmas Wine, with additional festive nuance. Christmas Wine 2021, if you will.

Icefall: white grapefruit, blue cypress, maritime pine,  juniper, nootka, cedar, sandalwood, seaweed. Crisp needles, deep blue ice, and dark water. A frozen glacial estuary where ice falls, crashing into waves. 

Murkwood: fir balsam, black hemlock, lapsang suchong, moss, incense, bitter myrrh. Liturgical incense and tangles of gnarled fir boughs.

Sturbridge: pine resin, frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, baked apple, pinecone oil, fir balsam, spices, balm of Gilead (poplar), amber, cedar, ambergris. A festive winter hearth adorned with garlands and pinecones. Candlelight festivities and merriment inspired this fine blend of sticky resins, spiced goods, winter greenery and wisemen's gifts.

Velvetine: ambergris, cypress, vanilla, clove, labdanum, fir. The enveloping darkness of a cozy oversized sweater; musky cypress and genuine ambergris settle into a bed of ambered vanilla sweetness and soft cloves.

White Fir: orange, ginger, white fir, clove, anise, pine, musk, vetiver, oakmoss. A co-extraction of white fir resin and needles layered atop supporting notes. A delicious pomander ball of perfume, festive in nature but with potential to be worn all year.


Processing times are currently around 2-4 days for domestic orders, and 1 week for international orders.

Artwork is 'Snow on Top' by Jo March