Fall Collection 2023

$48.00 - $140.00
  • Fall Collection 2023

12 x 1.8ml spray samples, a curated selection of autumnal scents:

Apple Tabac: fresh red apple, tobacco, fir balsam, rum resin, dried fruits. A bite of crisp red fall-harvest apples and burley cavendish, a golden brown cider brew.

Autumnal: peppermint, cinnamon, alfalfa, maté, nettle leaf, beeswax, bran, deerstongue, chamomile, fir, wheat, oakwood. A stroll through grain fields ripe for the harvest, a cup of peppermint tea in hand to fortify against the turn of the season. Wafts of powerful peppermint presently peter down to settle among leaves of maté, alfalfa, and nettle.

Cotswold: cedar, smoke, oakwood, ponderosa pine needles, vanilla. A rough-hewn cabin nestled deep within the woods; cedar logs ablaze in the hearth and a hot mug against the weather.

Hayloft: hay, lavender honey, crocus, sweet vernalgrass, bison grass, toasted almond, hazelnut, oats, dusty wheat. Dusty loft where bundled bales of hay and straw are stored against winter. Seasons' preserve of sweet lavender honey and sacks of oats and red winter wheat.

Hayride: hay, hot cocoa, vanilla, sweet vernalgrass, bison grass, acorn nut bread, nutmeg, cardamom, spikenard, raisin, tonka, oakmoss. Hayride through late autumn pastures, flask of cocoa in hand. Custom extracted grasses and raisin blend with dense acorn bread and oakmoss.

Katabatic: ruby cypress, camphor, birch leaf, cinnamon, cloves, bitter almond, red fir, cedarwood, sandalwood, orris root, dragon's blood resin, oakmoss. Swirling eddies of the frigid north wind, the driving gale that sweeps away dying vestiges of summer and boldly heralds the arrival of an early fall. A bracing, biting blend of birch breeze, spiced cypress, woods and mosses. This emulation of autumnal air currents may sting the nose upon first application, use wisely.

Nocturnis: pine, juniper, bergamot, carnation, geranium, chamomile, hay, tobacco, silver fir, lavender, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli. The thick sappy conifer base of Fanghorn II layered over a selection of accords inspired from vintage Polo to create a dark green brew of fine forest fumes. Wild and yet refined, a werewolf in a tuxedo.

Pastoral: apricot preserve, blackberry jam, raw honey, propolis, beeswax, sweetgrass, hay bales, bran wheat, oat grains, bourbon vetiver, maté tea, oakmoss. The embodiment of standing on one's porch on a crisp, clear autumn day, nostalgic for the idyllic rural past unexperienced. The sweetness of the preserves and honey balance the dusty grains and freshly bundled bales.

Ponderosa: ponderosa resin, ponderosa needles, cedarwood, bourbon vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon attar, butterscotch, beeswax, raisin cookies. The distinctive aroma of the majestic ponderosa pine. Built upon a base of wildcrafted ponderosa pine needle and resin absolutes with all of their natural vanillic, butterscotch and strawberry facets bolstered and fortified.

Revelries: rum, clove, cinnamon, oud, hazelnut, raisin, apple. Choice refreshments of the harvest gathering: heavily spiced rum with undercurrents of sweet stewed raisins and hazelnut.

Steading: tobacco, hay, beeswax, barley, dried needles, poplar, hops, maple, and wisps of peat smoke. A dense wheaty tobacco perfume with dried fir needles and honeyed maple sweetness.

Treacle: tobacco, lapsang souchong tea, molasses, raisin, honey. Rich tobacco leaf and smoky lapsang tea sweetened by honey and molasses; a ponderous evening by the fire as the weather turns.

Artwork is 'Homestead' by Jo March.