Full Sample Set of 11

  • Full Sample Set of 11

Sample set of 11:

Apple Tabac: fresh red apple, tobacco, fir balsam, rum resin, dried fruits. A bite of crisp red fall-harvest apples and burley cavendish, a golden brown cider brew.

Bindebole: poplar bud, pine needles, ambrette, cedar. Towering canopies, new growth and tender greenery. Dormant forests waking up with the receding frost.

Boreal: pine needles, mint, cedar, resins, moss. Frigid forests of the northern wilderness. Chilly mint gives way to a soft bed of creamy cedar, pine, and moss.

Cotswold: cedar, smoke, oakwood, ponderosa pine needles, vanilla. A rough-hewn cabin nestled deep within the woods; cedar logs ablaze in the hearth and a hot mug against the weather.

Fanghorn II: silver fir, moss, lichen, pine needles, wet soil, and damp vegetation. A dark and sticky fir perfume with fresh dew and earthen root qualities, reminiscent of new and old forest growth in harmony.

Murkwood: fir balsam, black hemlock, lapsang suchong, moss, incense, bitter myrrh. Liturgical incense and tangles of gnarled fir boughs.

Oxylus: pine needles, juniper scales, vetiver, myrtle, soil, swamp water. Riparian boughs and bulrushes. A perfume of pine and earthy vetiver with a trace of salt and myrtle blossom.

Revelries: rum, clove, cinnamon, oud, hazelnut, raisin, apple. Choice refreshments of the harvest gathering: heavily spiced rum with undercurrents of sweet stewed raisins and hazelnut.

Steading: tobacco, hay, beeswax, barley, dried needles, poplar, hops, maple, and wisps of peat smoke. A dense wheaty tobacco perfume with dried fir needles and honeyed maple sweetness.

Treacle: tobacco, lapsang souchong tea, molasses, raisin, honey. Rich tobacco leaf and smoky lapsang tea sweetened by honey and molasses; a ponderous evening by the fire as the weather turns.

Velvetine: ambergris, cypress, vanilla, clove, labdanum, fir. The enveloping darkness of a cozy oversized sweater; musky cypress and genuine ambergris settle into a bed of ambered vanilla sweetness and soft cloves.

Please note that Steading and Velvetine are not vegan perfumes; Steading uses beeswax absolute and 7-year old castoreum, and Velvetine uses shore-gathered ambergris.

Samples are 0.7ml, and sets may rotate periodically to accommodate new releases and seasonal offerings.

Processing times are currently around 2-4 days for domestic orders, and 1 week for international orders.