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  • Pastoral

Notes: apricot preserve, blackberry jam, raw honey, propolis, beeswax, sweetgrass, hay bales, bran wheat, oat grains, bourbon vetiver, maté tea, oakmoss

Pastoral is the embodiment of standing on one's porch on a crisp, clear autumn day, nostalgic for the idyllic rural past unexperienced and English countryside escapades. The first elements of the perfume to reach the nose are rich preserves of apricot and blackberry followed by bustling beekeepers boxes bursting with their scents of honey, propolis and beeswax. The late harvest fields and the crows swirling about waft in notes of sweetgrass, fresh cut hay, bran wheat, broom, and oat grains with softer underpinnings of smoky bourbon vetiver, maté tea, and oakmoss. The sweetness of the preserves and honey balance the dusty grains and freshly bundled bales to make up the most pristine pastoral perfume, perfectly positioned for jaunting through a corn maze and autumn days.

Parfum extrait+ compounded at 31%.

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