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  • Hayride
  • Hayride

Hayride: hay, hot cocoa, vanilla, sweet vernalgrass, bison grass, acorn nut bread, nutmeg, cardamom, spikenard, raisin, tonka, oakmoss.

Hayride through late autumn pastures, flask of cocoa in hand. Custom extracted grasses and raisin blend with dense acorn bread and oakmoss.

This summer I co-distilled about 10 pounds of hay, bison grass and sweetgrass to create a rough and gorgeous hay/sweetgrass/bison grass concrete, which was then filtered and evaporated to create a rich co-absolute. Two hay perfumes were created with this material: Hayloft & Hayride.

Use with caution, may sting the nose upon first application.

Parfum extrait+ compounded at 31%.

105ml bottles available via request.

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