Summer 2022 Sample Set

  • Summer 2022 Sample Set

3 x 0.8ml spray samples of Alfiryn, Funerie, and Gristmill

Alfiryn: narcissus enfleurage, pink lotus, plumeria, ginger lily, freshly cut stems, massoia, sandalwood.

The flowers that grow thickly upon the barrows of Men. Deep white florals grounded in creamy massoia and sandalwood, vibrant enfleurage gives this inverted floral perfume a softly textured halo.

Funerie: Morel mushroom, decayed rose, leather, tobacco, smoke, pineboard, incense, sweet myrrh, blood cedar, dried needles, rotting wood (oud).

Rites of the dead, an imposing envelope of bleakness. Feasting fungi and wilted roses nestle atop charred pineboards and a base of heavy resins and incense. (A challenging perfume)

Gristmill: cedar planks, sawdust, smoldering logs, edelwood oil, amber, black walnut, mahogany, labdanum.

Deep in the woods of the Unknown lies an ancient grist mill, not quite abandoned. This perfume features a multitude of woods as they are ground up and pressed for oil. Faint smoke dances over deep piles of sawdust and disturbed amber.

Parfum Extrait concentrations compounded at 31%

Also includes two prototype samples, Nocturnis & Ponderosa.

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